West Pelzer Police Department Mission Statement
It is the mission of the West Pelzer Police Department to serve the public, protect the innocent, and enforce city, state, and federal statutes within the town limits of West Pelzer, South Carolina.  The goals of the protection of life, liberty, and property as well as the preservation of peace and the prevention of crime shall be accomplished through the use of teamwork, training, and an office of Professional Standards headed by the Chief of Police.  All citizens shall be afforded the right to live and work peacefully, safe from harm, and without fear of reprisal.


Greetings from the Chief of Police…


It gives me great pleasure to address the Town of West Pelzer, South Carolina as your new Chief of Police.  I look forward to serving you in this capacity for many years to come.  I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that our Police Department will be brought up to exceed federal, state, and local standards in the coming months.  Officers under this administration will be held to the highest level of ethical and professional standards.  No officer in this administration shall participate in the furtherance of any political agenda, nor be a participant in or party to rumor or gossip.

Complaints, questions, or concerns regarding the day to day functions of the West Pelzer Police Department will no longer be handled through Town Hall but will be directly addressed through the office of the Chief of Police and when deemed necessary, handled as a matter of Professional Standards.  All calls for service will be dispatched through the Anderson County 911 Dispatch Center.  If you need immediate emergency assistance from law enforcement please call 911.  For non-emergency calls please dial 864-260-4444 864-260-4444 and an officer will be dispatched to your location.  By following this procedure it will aslo create a recorded and documented call for service to ensure that you the taxpayer are receiving the most efficient police service.

Our Police Department headquarters located at 24 Main Street is currently being cleaned and revamped in an attempt to make it more accessible to you the citizen.  In the interim, a list of contact numbers including my cell phone are as follows:

West Pelzer Police Department: 864-947-6297
West Pelzer Police Department Fax: 864-947-6297
Chief Mike Clardy Cell: 864-844-0079
E-mail: mclardy@westpelzer.com

I look foward to meeting and serving each and every citizen in this town and encourage your ideas, concerns, and input regarding the improvement of services to you.

M.D. Clardy
Chief of Police
West Pelzer, South Carolina