Q: What is the address for Town Hall?

A: 30 Main Street, West Pelzer, SC 29669


Q: What is the deposit for water/sewer service?

A: $200 for renters and $100 for owners.


Q: What is ReWa?

A: Renewable Water Resources is a wastewater treatment facility. All wastewater from West Pelzer is sent to ReWa for proper treatment.  The ReWa charge on your water/sewer bill is sent directly to ReWa each month.


Q: What is a minimum water/sewer bill for West Pelzer with no usage?

A: Residential In-Town            $57.30

     Commercial In-Town         $66.80

     Residential Out-Town        $88.80

     Commercial Out-Town      $96.30


Q:Guidlines for trash pick-up?

A: Every in-town customer will receive a 96 gallon Waste Industries cart; it must be curbside by 5am each Tuesday to be serviced.  Waste Industries will also collect up to 5 additional bags of garbage outside of their cart and/or 1 other cart with bagged items in it.


Q: What’s the best way to reach a West Pelzer Police Officer?

A: Emergency: call 911.  Non-emergency: call 864-260-4444


Q: Are reservations required for the use of Chapman Park?

A: No Chapman Park is free to use; first come first serve.


Q: What are payment options for water/sewer bills?

A: Office –payments may be left in drop box; in person – debit/credit card, cash or money order

     Phone- debit/credit cards accepted

     Online- debit/credit cards accepted

     Draft – automatic draft can be setup for the 15th of each month using a debit/credit card


Q: What are payment options for tickets?

A: Office – payments may be left in drop box (cash or money order only); in person – debit/credit card, cash or money order only

    Phone – debit/credit cards accepted

    Online – andersoncountysc.org, select pay ticket and enter ticket information requested