Agenda for December 14 Council Meeting

Town of West Pelzer

Council Meeting


Monday December 14, 2015


West Pelzer Town Hall


I.           Invocation

II.         Approval of November 9, 2015 Meeting Minutes

III.       2nd Reading of Ordinance# 2015-1109

“Annexation of 128 Arthur Davis Circle”

IV.        1st Reading of Ordinance# 2015-1214

“An Ordinance to Authorize Council to Allow Variances to the West Pelzer Town Code Article IV. Mobile Homes”

V.          Councilman Johnny Rogers

Re: Reminder of Allowed Burning Schedule Ordinance# 2012-514

VI.         1st Reading of Amendment to

West Pelzer Town Code 14.617 Intoxicating Beverages. Drinking in Public

VII.      Councilman Blake Sanders

Re: Presentation to Mayor Paxton

VIII.    Adjourn